Asthma…getting around it!!

Let me begin this post, with a disclaimer. What worked for me MAY NOT work for you. Yet, I felt a compelling obligation to jot down what has been working for me in terms of managing my asthma.
I would go deep into the technical stuff as you can easily find loads of information on CDC website, Wikipedia and several hundred great resources on the internet.

Over the years, when I used to listen to everybody, but for my body, my asthma kept getting worse. And then, one fine day, when I found myself in ICCU of an Atlanta Hotel, right in the middle the US Spring, I knew I have had enough and started working on managing my asthma proactively. So my quick tips would be as under:

1) Get away from Dust. Do whatever it takes, even if it means reaching levels of eccentricity when managing your asthma.. Get your pillow covers, bedsheets changed as often as you can..
2) No rugs, carpeting at your home and work place if possible.
3) No perfumes, deos.
4) Avoid milk. However, milk products in terms of cheese, curd work just fine. Avoid curd in evening.
5) No rice.

1) In winters, have a clove of garlic.
2) Seacod oil capsules help..

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