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चला आया हूँ बहुत दूर ,

चला आया हूँ बहुत दूर ,
अब दो घड़ी बैठना चाहता हूँ …..
थक गया हूँ , रुक कर ,
एक भरी साँस लेना चाहता हूँ ।

है हक़ मुझे भी थकने का,
पर मेरे हौंसले , कम्बख़्त …
थकने की इजाज़त नहीं देते ।।

// सुयश

Anatomy of great nations..a traveler’s view..

Having traveled extensively over the course of last two decades, I have had several opportunities of looking at various nations, religions and people closely..I have tried to observe minutely the linkages to how prosperous a nation is to how happy it is and – decisive impact the citizens have on shaping their own destinies…and making their nation great..Some being:

1) National Pride

2) Innate pride in the use of National language

3) Robust Social Security Systems

4) Mostly Tax compliant society

5) Free Media

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