Nation’s best bet??

If Namo’s Bhopal rally is a sign of things to come, wouldn’t be surprised if NDA gets close to 300.. Mandate 2009 wasn’t won by UPA, in fact gifted to them by the opposition- marred by clash of personalities and self interests..Since that is, likely, out of the way now, a nation deprived of an inspiring leader, sees hope..Also interesting to read Karat’s comments..well indicating that there may not be any real third front! Good for the nation..Always believed that a key issue plaguing our country is the mushroom growth of regional parties and satraps resulting in continual appeasement of vote banks for petty, directionless, very short term gains- all at the cost of the Nation.. Also believe that while Congress is singularly responsible for the ‘holistic rot’ of the nation we see today- yet getting so called ‘crusaders’ like Kejriwals, who myopically talk of trashing the complete system- certainly not the solution..and would probably make it much worse.. While corruption is not a peripheral but the central issue which needs to be addressed immediately, yet focussing only on punitive action rather than addressing the breeding grounds of corruption, is a recipe to create yet another ineffective institution.. Meanwhile, Anna, while a great crusader, is NOT a leader and hence has wisely stayed away from active politics. Also a pity that our nation, has systemically, always been deprived of a selfless ‘Leader’ ‘Bose’ to lead us..and for more than half a century, we institutionalised ‘monarchy’ with the generational rule of a family… However, with NaMo, suddenly so much to look forward to for the nation now, with a leader who is inspiring, inculcates pride, has showcased ‘growth for all’ with no selective appeasement, epitomises hope and works with a vision…Not surprisingly May 2014 seems so far away..He may or may not be able to fix everything, but is certainly our Nation’s very best bet and its only hope..!

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