Where’s the due diligence??

Just like we do our due diligence and look at the track record of an individual, before we place our trust in him, isn’t it amusing that some of us are willing to gamble our nation’s future to someone who just shouts out loud?? It is no news to my friends that I do not like Arvind Kejriwal’s style of politics promoting anarchy. This certainly, is no revolution. A myopic drive, on way to lose all sheen post the general elections, very reminiscent of the VP Singh era..

While I have no allegiances to any political group, yet the fact remains that when I look at my options in terms of who would I like to see as the PM and lead my country, I really, am unable to see beyond Modi.. Those being overly critical of him or his party and have the audacity to compare him to Kejriwal and his party to the BJP, are simply unable to appreciate so many things..

1) Namo is into his fourth term, voted back with an even greater mandate each time… Is it that the 6 crore people of Gujarat are insane?? Or have they simply been voting for good, clean governance??

2) Similarly, governments in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, voted back again.. and of course unprecedented Rajasthan tally..

3) The kind of work done during Atal Bihari’s regime during 1999-2004, has been unparalleled.., whether it was India getting into the nuclear club or the tremendous amount of work done for the Highways.. (Wiki : The UPA Government on July 1, 2013 accepted before Supreme Court that NDA National Democratic Alliance Government lead by Vajpayee has developed half the roads in last 32 years in their 5 year term)..

4) @ Dipin..sorry that I saw your post late.. BJP has always advocated smaller states for better governance. In fact, Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand were all carved out during Atal Bihari’s term.. Telangana is going to be good for the region and so is Vidarbha, if that is ever taken up by the political establishment.. Of course, I am not bringing up the uniform civil code here..

5) Political Parties are based on ideologies which (should), generally, contain inclusive development, good governance, willingness to serve the people and certainly- lead the nation.. Those critical of RSS have probably never had any understanding of its core ideology of sustained, selfless service to the nation..

It is indeed sad to see intelligent, well-read people of today falling prey to politics of sensationalism, cynicism. At some point, we need to look beyond finding a conspiracy theory in every story and appreciate the fact that established stalwarts who restarted the anti-corruption crusade, Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi, have all snapped ties with AK. In fact rewarding those went who against the law of the land and did not pay electric bills, will only institutionalize anarchy and lawlessness..
And of course, AK’s press-famous FIR against GOI and RIL regarding the gas price hike.. For once we’ve got to move away from the politics of subsidies, appeasement.. Indian Industries using gas have been importing LNG consignments costing as much as $15-18/mmbtu.. But for gas prices in the US, international LNG prices are in that range.. In the US, the prices are much lower at around $5- 6/ mmbtu, but that is because of a the gas glut they are in, on account of the Shale Gas boom.. A free market, US encouraged investments into Shale Gas exploration- a high risk, very capital intensive venture. No government has the kind of money which goes into on shore/ off shore exploration and if it is not attractive to the private sector, nobody would invest and hence there would be no gas.. Our power plants would continue to be starved of gas and stay shut, effectively depriving over 300 million people of any electricity..

Finally, cutting the long story short and probably needless to reiterate .. that future of our Nation, today, is indeed Modi.. There is no better alternative…he may not be ‘the’ solution to all our country’s woes, yet undoubtedly is the most capable person to lead our nation..

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