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Is our justice delivery system, itself becoming the biggest violator of human rights???

With about 3 Crore cases pending in various courts of the country, why can’t our country engage an IT firm like TCS or an Infosys to do a 90-day, time bound, rigorous all India exercise, across all courts and prepare a consolidated database? A huge proportion of these cases have been pending for more than 10 years. Even if the courts had convicted the undertrials, the punishment would have been less than that anyways.

Can’t this database help government to sort such cases and, by an act of Parliament, drop these cases, release the undertrials and clear a huge backlog?

Judicial reforms really need to be Mr Modi’s next BIG step. Judicial apathy, for whatever reasons, has been significantly responsible for institutionalizing corruption in our country. Lower courts are often taken for granted, frivolous cases filed, dates after dates after dates become the norm with a complete disdain and making a mockery of the system.

While the Hon’ble SC, State High Courts and the District Courts have been pushing hard, with the best of efforts, to get over the years of backlog, yet the fact remains that Justice delayed is justice denied.

Is our system itself becoming the biggest violator of human rights???

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चला आया हूँ बहुत दूर ,

चला आया हूँ बहुत दूर ,
अब दो घड़ी बैठना चाहता हूँ …..
थक गया हूँ , रुक कर ,
एक भरी साँस लेना चाहता हूँ ।

है हक़ मुझे भी थकने का,
पर मेरे हौंसले , कम्बख़्त …
थकने की इजाज़त नहीं देते ।।

// सुयश

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